Mike MIller Stole my Longboard

27 05 2009

This weekend I went to a great neighborhood pub in Greenpoint called Boulevard Tavern. Located under the BQE, this spot features classic dub tunes, $5 jack and a beer, and $5 all you can eat BBQ from the owner manning the grill around back. I was getting quite drunk and chatting with the cute bartender when my friend and I headed out back for a quick burger. Since there were only a few regulars at the bar, I left my board next o my jacket at the bar and went         their courtyard.

We returned minutes later, and my board was gone. I asked the bartender if maybe she had moved it, but she had not. A dude playing pool overheard and said while smoking a stog outside, he witnessed some dude come running out of the bar with a longboard under his arm. They watched him run under the BQE and vanish into the night, and thought it strange he was running with a board instead of skating. We ask around and soon figure out which guy it was….my buddy’s co-worker was a regular at this joint and enraged someone would dare steal from his bar, got on the case.

He got the owners to cue up the surveillance footage and we see this douche paying his tab, grabbing the board and jetting. Next, we check his tab, which was brilliantly paid via credit card- now we had footage, his credit card, and his name- Mike Miller. My boy asks around, and interviews everyone at the bar to get more info on this scumbag. Before long he finds a girl who had given Mike her number earlier in the week, and he had called her earlier that day. Now we had his cell number. We get the girl to call him on a pseudo booty call, but he did not answer the phone and avoided our cleverly woven trap.

So many people call him and leave a variety of voicemails ranging from diplomatic to graphically violent. In my voicemail, I explained that he couldn’t really sell my board on the street for all that much, and that it meant a lot to me as a conveyance and a piece of art, and that I hoped he would do the right thing and return my property.

The owners of the bar suggested I call the cops and file a report, which I believed was pointless, but they thought he might have a record and the cops might be able to pull up some info on this swine. While waiting for the po-po, I met another regular who told me this same asshole had been at the bar two nights earlier, when someone mysteriously shat on the bathroom floor. Mike Miller was suspected, but never implicated. However, after this stunt, it was clear he was some kind of sociopath that runs around shitting on floors and stealing longboards on the fly.

The cops arrive sipping Slurpy’s, and I tell them this guy stole my property, and I have all this info on him and footage of him robbing me etc… As soon as I mentioned it was my skateboard that had been stolen, they rapidly lost interest, and as expected, told me they might be able to get around to looking into it a few months from now. I told them thanks for nothing, enjoy your slurpies, and bid them good night. … I returned to the bar to consume several free rounds of drinks, and headed home feeling saddened, shocked and dismayed, albeit somewhat optimistic. I felt that with all the info we had, and the whole bar and its patrons on the lookout, this criminal mastermind wouldn’t last long.

The next morning I leave yet another voicemail, and when I checked my phone around four, saw I had a voicemail from the culprit himself. He apologized, said he was hammered and thought my board was his, and was real sorry, and wanted to get it back to me before he got his ass beat. I suggested he drop it off at the bar, hoping he might catch a pool cue to the face as he left, and I stopped by later that night to reunite with my board.

From this harrowing adventure, I learned that no matter how chill and small the place is, never leave your longboard unattended- stash it behind the bar or something. This story was fortunate enough to end well, and allows me to bring u the next segment about the epic custom painting of my deck…..Fuck you Mike Miller.

board rails and trash


New Longboard Mod- the Speed Bar

21 05 2009

longboard modification

The Speed Bar is an idea I had been toying with inb my head for some time, and when i met a dude at the Green Skate who had something very similar and vouched for its effectiveness, I skated down to Canal Plastics to get a piece made for my board. The idea is to have a small stopper for your front foot, something your toes can dig into and help propel you when pumping. My board is Rat Roded out, and thus on a mean incline, so I found my feet slipping down constantly. I screwed in this quarter inch plastic bar at a slight angle to allow for an easy pivot, and so far have really been digging it. I am painting the crews black and sanding off the shiny finish, matbe even laying a small piece of grip tape on it for aestheics. Next project is my cow catcher nose guard bumper/ headlight mount. And thanks for everyones support of the Barbarosa,  which celebrates getting over 1500 hits in the last three months.  Spread the word to all you know, and if you haven’t peeped the new Bustin site and Community, get involved. It is a critical  part of the revolution. I’ll see you there.

customize longboardratrod longboardspeed bar

Trailblazing NYC- Exploring Newtown Creek (Greenpoint and LIC)

12 05 2009

This afternoon I felt compelled to jump on the ol longboard and skate somewhere I’d never been before. This happens sometimes. I wanted to delve into the underbelly of the  industrial waterfront in Noth Brooklyn and South Queens. I shoved off from my home port in Greenpoint, and this is what I found…..

polaski bridge overlook

brooklyn polaski bridge

greenpont graffitticrime scenemuder cluesI came to a dead end street underneath a small drawbridge leading into Queens. I noticed in the corner this monkey, small metal bowl, wooden stake and orange peel. As i mused over these strangely positioned items, an ice cream truck that had been parked midway down the street drives to the end and the large circular dead end. He then drives around the loop twice, slows down and looks at me, and then drives off. It was quite clear he was a serial killer, and that I had stumbled across  either his trophy collection or incriminating clues to a recently comitted violent crime. I waited until he had driven to the end of the block before discretely snapping a quick photo, and getting the fuck out of there.

chemical domeschemical dome clusterracing the trainI came across these tracks underneath the small drawbridge I crossed into Queens with, and as the LIE arrived I raced down the paralell sidewalk. As we raced neck and neck, I felt like I was in the Wild West about to rob a train full of gold. As the road ended, the tracks continurd towards Manhattan, and I decided to follow them on foot.

winding tracks queens nycciego and trax grafovergrown graf nycbrdge to the cityrugged foot bridgeocergrown trailbridges new york citylongboard on wood bridgefree love muralnyc bridge pathboard and railsef633004843d__1242061090000nyc construction workerswater taxi barwater taxi bird muralpalm tree queens new yorkscemic longboard slide spotboat docked in queensbrooklyntruck scrap rampslongboard ramp

I found some scap metal truck doors and mud flaps and made a few crude ramps. I then called it a day, and climbed the stairs to the top of the Polaski bridge and skated home.

New Longboard Skate Shop/Barber Shop in the East Village

8 05 2009

Sergio's barber shop

There is a new spor for longboard equipment in the East Village, featuring Bustin Boards trucks, wheels, bearings and speed creme that I highly reccimend to any skater in need of some hardware. Sergio’s Barber Shop is at 45 First Ave between 2nd & 3rd St. I stopped by earlier this week to  revitalize my shotty Swiss Bones bearings iwth some Bones Speed Creme, and to get a crispy haircut from Mike. The place is hard to miss with its neon signs and dope grafitti mural inside, and will soon be featuring the new Bustin Sojoutn as well. So the next time you’re in the LES, check it out and support yout new local Bustin distributor….and if you know whats good, you should stop by Puebla Mexicana a few doors down for the chicken mo-le (thats hot peppers and chocolate) burrito with homemade sour cream, the best this side of the Rio Grande.

Bustin barbe rshopbarbershop2longboard brber shop

Longboard Innovations

3 05 2009

soularcOne of the classic appeals of longboarding is riding the concrete wave. This concept board has taken the love and feel of surfing, and combined it with the longboard experience to make an interesting double-decked board called the SoulArc.

soul arc longboard concept hop

“Each performance related variable was considered. Extensive ergonomic testing was performed to determine the optimal board height. Quantifiable variables included ground distance, lateral flex and vertical flex. These quantifiable variables were then analyzed and compared to qualitative measures that included ride feel, torque response and general overall ride ability.”

This board looks pretty rad, and i especially dig the built in handle.


The DirtSurfer is a crazy hybrid between a longboard and a BMX bike. This thing looks like a lot of fun. The Dirtsurfer becomes more stable the faster you go, like a bike, and is ideal for off-roading and wind-boarding.  I am really into these weird innovations, and will do a few more posts on the many more progressive board concepts out there, so stay tuned.