New Longboard Mod- the Speed Bar

21 05 2009

longboard modification

The Speed Bar is an idea I had been toying with inb my head for some time, and when i met a dude at the Green Skate who had something very similar and vouched for its effectiveness, I skated down to Canal Plastics to get a piece made for my board. The idea is to have a small stopper for your front foot, something your toes can dig into and help propel you when pumping. My board is Rat Roded out, and thus on a mean incline, so I found my feet slipping down constantly. I screwed in this quarter inch plastic bar at a slight angle to allow for an easy pivot, and so far have really been digging it. I am painting the crews black and sanding off the shiny finish, matbe even laying a small piece of grip tape on it for aestheics. Next project is my cow catcher nose guard bumper/ headlight mount. And thanks for everyones support of the Barbarosa,  which celebrates getting over 1500 hits in the last three months.  Spread the word to all you know, and if you haven’t peeped the new Bustin site and Community, get involved. It is a critical  part of the revolution. I’ll see you there.

customize longboardratrod longboardspeed bar




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