Trailblazing NYC- Exploring Newtown Creek (Greenpoint and LIC)

12 05 2009

This afternoon I felt compelled to jump on the ol longboard and skate somewhere I’d never been before. This happens sometimes. I wanted to delve into the underbelly of the  industrial waterfront in Noth Brooklyn and South Queens. I shoved off from my home port in Greenpoint, and this is what I found…..

polaski bridge overlook

brooklyn polaski bridge

greenpont graffitticrime scenemuder cluesI came to a dead end street underneath a small drawbridge leading into Queens. I noticed in the corner this monkey, small metal bowl, wooden stake and orange peel. As i mused over these strangely positioned items, an ice cream truck that had been parked midway down the street drives to the end and the large circular dead end. He then drives around the loop twice, slows down and looks at me, and then drives off. It was quite clear he was a serial killer, and that I had stumbled across  either his trophy collection or incriminating clues to a recently comitted violent crime. I waited until he had driven to the end of the block before discretely snapping a quick photo, and getting the fuck out of there.

chemical domeschemical dome clusterracing the trainI came across these tracks underneath the small drawbridge I crossed into Queens with, and as the LIE arrived I raced down the paralell sidewalk. As we raced neck and neck, I felt like I was in the Wild West about to rob a train full of gold. As the road ended, the tracks continurd towards Manhattan, and I decided to follow them on foot.

winding tracks queens nycciego and trax grafovergrown graf nycbrdge to the cityrugged foot bridgeocergrown trailbridges new york citylongboard on wood bridgefree love muralnyc bridge pathboard and railsef633004843d__1242061090000nyc construction workerswater taxi barwater taxi bird muralpalm tree queens new yorkscemic longboard slide spotboat docked in queensbrooklyntruck scrap rampslongboard ramp

I found some scap metal truck doors and mud flaps and made a few crude ramps. I then called it a day, and climbed the stairs to the top of the Polaski bridge and skated home.




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29 08 2009

Date : 05/12/2009
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