New Bustin Store Opens in Brooklyn

19 11 2009

This past Friday was the grand opening of the newest longboard depot in Brooklyn. Bustin Boards has opened a new store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Grand Street, a two minutes skate from the Bedford L stop). The shop is impressive and fuly loaded. It carries boards by Bustin, Earthwing, Longboard Living, and more. It features a wall of wheels, complete decks ready to go, t-shirts, a computer workstation, and behind  a thick pane of bulletproof glass- a fully functional shop where boards are built all day long. The new store has a great location, and a unique set-up designed to embrace the concept of growing the  longboard community. The grand opening featured a keg of delicious beer, copious amounts of wine, a design your own board contest, and the video debut of Fabrika Productions latest longboard documentary. Whether you need bearings, grip tape, helmets or a fresh new NYC deck customized to your precise specifications, this is the best spot in New York to get hooked up and ready to rip.


October Rips with the Bustin Crew

17 11 2009

October was a great month to skate in the city. Check out this hot new trailer from the infamous Fabrika  Productions featuring the Thursday Push rip in Central Park, and clips of the absurdly fun Halloween R.I.P.  This video trailer is just one of many projects by Fabrika Pro, documenting the life and times of the NYC Push culture (and always features a slamming  soundtrack).  Start shopping for your X-mas costumes now, December 12th and the holiday skate is only a few weeks away….somehow i suspect the gorilla may make yet another appearance.

Spooky Skate

3 11 2009

halloween longboard session

At high noon on Halloween, trouble was brewing. A crowd began to gather around the unusual spectacle in Union Square. From the looks of things, it appeared Mickey Mouse would join forces with a heavily bearded rabbi, a kung-fu master, a mime and a gorilla in a tie…This unlikely team of super freaks was accompanied by about 15 assorted costumed skateboard punks, and two bikers incognito… The Halloween Skate 2009 was surely to be a day to remember. We took off and circumnavigated all of mid-downtown Manhattan. It was an epic skate.. . during this skate I began to realize how hot it can get inside of a cheaply made gorilla suit. But a little, or in my case a whole lot of sweating, was a necessary sacrifice for the joy and terror we brought to thousands of unsuspecting tourists and denizens of this fine apple. It was one of my favorite Halloweens of all time.