Tompkins Square Park Drag Race

The RatRod crew is putting together head to head races through the winding paths of Tompkins in the LES. No hills, just lots of intersecting paths and hazards. More details on the races at the Bustin Blog

This is a map of the park and the route. Start point is at the flag pole, and there is a point where you can take the optional yellow route on the outside, or the straight shot on the inside. Two laps, pure sprinting, so learn the course and start training now. tompkins

Ft. Tryon Race

Working now on putting together a few races on the Cloister Loop at Ft. Tryon Park (190th St and Ft. Wash). This is a great loop with two big downhills….if anyone is interested, shoot me an e-mail. More details to come soon….

Broadway Bomb 2009

The best race in NYC is the Broadway Bomb. It is a fast eight mile run from 116th to the Bull. This race is in October, so start training now.

Central Park Longboard Race 2009

June 5, Friday Night Rip @ Prospect Park in Brooklyn (TBA)

June 6, Central Park Race @ NOON

June 7, Slide jam (TBA)


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