How to Win the Warriors Race

18 07 2010

The most Epic Longboard race in the last 3000 years will begin in the Bronx on Friday, July 23, 2010. Inspired by the cult classic Warriors film (1979), this grueling 27 mile skate from Van Cortlandt Park to the beaches of Coney Island is the first urban longboard marathon. Teams of three, each rolling as a gang from the film will have to navigate through at least three boroughs and cross at least 3 bridges. Every member of the team must finish together, so pacing, route, and strategy are huge factors in this sheer battle of speed and endurance.

Finding a way to get safe group skitches could prove to be the deciding factor.  Furthermore, each gang will be given bags and a few tasks to complete along the way. The route is entirely up to each individual crew, and to think about the best route and grade from the top to the bottom, I would highly recommend this awesome mapping site by the USATF, way better than that Google shit. Also check some routes I have pre-made on the MAPs section of the Brooklyn Barbarosa. having lived in and skated the shit out of Inwood and Wash Heights all the way down is where I first learned and made my turf. I would also make sure someone on your team knows how to make molotov cocktails.

Find a crew and sign up on the Concrete Kings Facebook Page, or the Bustin’ Blog. Nearly 20 teams already- can you diiiiggggg it?




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