Longboard Innovations

3 05 2009

soularcOne of the classic appeals of longboarding is riding the concrete wave. This concept board has taken the love and feel of surfing, and combined it with the longboard experience to make an interesting double-decked board called the SoulArc.

soul arc longboard concept hop

“Each performance related variable was considered. Extensive ergonomic testing was performed to determine the optimal board height. Quantifiable variables included ground distance, lateral flex and vertical flex. These quantifiable variables were then analyzed and compared to qualitative measures that included ride feel, torque response and general overall ride ability.”

This board looks pretty rad, and i especially dig the built in handle.


The DirtSurfer is a crazy hybrid between a longboard and a BMX bike. This thing looks like a lot of fun. The Dirtsurfer becomes more stable the faster you go, like a bike, and is ideal for off-roading and wind-boarding.  I am really into these weird innovations, and will do a few more posts on the many more progressive board concepts out there, so stay tuned.




2 responses

5 05 2009
Jeremy Hanswen

Soul board looks nice. Once I can afford things again I will consider purchasing one.

13 05 2009

The dirt thing looks fun but would be sooo nice with a motor like a dirt bike and longboard mix

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