I wanted to create a resource for some of my favorite spots to longboard; and although is a great site, I wanted to have my own inside line on the best spots to ride. I am using a site designed for runners called USA Track and Field, becuase not only does it have a great map display, it also has an option for topography, total altitude  and elevation charts, as well as total distance and course attributes. I hope to add precise angle measurements soon, but for now will simply describe the hills up and down as clearly as possible. Please e-mail me with any other suggested routes, or plot one yourself  and send me the link. Some rides are downhills, some up, some scenic, and some just damn weird. Click the route name to bring up the map. Enjoy.

Map your own route here


Ft. Tryon- The Cloister Loop

This is a great series of downhills in my favorite park in my old hood of Washington Heights. Zoom past a classic fort and reconstructed Spanish monastery while zipping down a few sweet hills. They don’t call it the Heights for nothing.

The Manhattan Mountain Descent

A long, scenic, and almost completely downhill ride from the Heights, through Harlem, and ending in Central Park.One of the best rides in New York City.

Deja Vous Downhill

One of the best rides in the Heights. Take the A or 1 train to 181st St, and start down Bennett. This is a gentle but very long downhill, and although it is against traffic, when you ride it at night, there are few cars and the one lane road is quite wide. When you get to the bottom there is a tunnel and elevator to the 190ths St. A train. Take the elevator to the top, then head up Ft. Wash and make your first left onto Overlook Terrace. This is a huge hill, but fun and safe to bomb. when you get to the bottom, just take a couple lefts back onto Bennett, ride the elevator back up, and repeat. Great for a late night session.

John’s Fried Chikcen

This is a sweet ride down Broadway in the Heights all the way down to the best chicken spot in NYC. This runs parallel to the Deja Vous Loop on Bennet, but is much steeper and more technical, plus theres fried chicken at the end. Remember to ask for a lime with your #2 or you are half assing the flavor experience. Also hitting up the tunnel to the 1 train elevator is a good ride halfway down, then bombing Wadsworth or Audobon to 181st.

The Broadway Bomb

The most epic race on the East Coast. Every fall ride Broadway from Columbia to the Bull….check the topography, its a nice ride.

Sakura Slide

A nice little run by Columbia and the Manhattan School of Music. It is a smooth and deserted road ideal for carving and slides. Also runs past Sakura Park, which is pretty chill.


Polish Pride

This is a short jaunt through my part of the Brook, Greenpoint. This route takes you to a stairwell to the apex of the Polaski Bridge, and ends at a chill pier in the warehouse district.

Prospect Park Loop

This park is a great ride, with long big hills ideal for bombing or sliding, and lots of paths and roads to choose from.




The GW Bridge and the Palisade Plummet

A very flat bridge on a slight incline upwards to Jersey. Once you cross the mile long monstrosity, follow the road to the left and down the super fresh new paved walkway on the left side. The first hill is huge, very steep, but so nice. You take the second entrance to the park, not the Ft. Lee museum, and ride all the way to the bottom. Some great long hills down the cliffs of Jersey. Be warned, the park closes an hour after dusk, and I already got a ticket for riding it late at night, which was awesome, and is perfect and deserted late summer nights. Take the trail back up the cliffs, ten minutes to the top, ride, repeat. Highly recommended!



7 responses

12 03 2009
curly fry johnson

the topography cross-section on these maps is rad. very useful…thanks.

23 04 2009

We need to work on this. I have an app on my phone that tracks an entire route. I know a few that really need to make it up here. Keep up the work. Love the spliff.

23 04 2009

I take it back.. this app is dope.. we need to add some routes. See you in the swing of spring skater..

23 04 2009

the run tracker i phone app is great- i have an unfinished blog post about it from a couple months ago. The Deja Vous Loop idown Bennet and up the A train elevator is a favorite. Email me anytime if you want to go for a ride

26 04 2009

those foolish runners never realized what a pot of gold they were sitting on. Map out a route, name it, save it, and send me the link to post

2 06 2010
morningwood heights

i checked out the ‘sakura slide’ tonight and love it, i live in the area and go to columbia – just got my first longboard today and this is a cool area to skate around; at night especially.

2 06 2010

-yeah man, i was in town this weekend and hit up the old hood, then got a slice at toms. central park race this weekend!

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