The Push Culture

5 04 2010

When describing the New York style of longboarding, one word comes to mind- Push. NYC is the best place in the world to skate because it offers opportunities to skate in every discipline- downhill, slalom, dancing, traffic surfing, sliding- all on your commute to work every day. The landscape is as diverse as the people, and the longboarders here find their board is an essential extension of their legs, and we rarely leave home without it. Because of the size of the city, and the often frantic pace of traffic, pushing hard as fuck is at the core of the  Empire State of Mind.

I’ve heard strange tales of people walking up hills and then skating down them. I ask, why walk when you could skate? A big hill just means its time to push harder. What skates up must skate down. This is the mindset in which I understood to be the Way, and a uniquely urban phenomenon. NYC board companies like Bustin’ Boards and Earthwing have worked to create a community that embodies the Push Culture, one that doesn’t think twice about skating from Brooklyn to Jersey. I was stoked to see this interview with Canadian Push fiend Paul Kent of Rayne Longboards, who goes on extreme 24 hour Push odysseys. This interview clip below lets the world know that Canada is down with the Push. Hope to see Paul and others from all over the world at the 2010 Broadway Bomb (the most intense urban Push race in the world) next October. Until then, keep Pushing.




2 responses

18 09 2010
Paul Kent

haha, thanks for the plug.
Sorry I didnt make the braodway bomb yet again. Cahsflow is always an issue with me. But I do miss Newyork.

19 09 2010

hell yeah. i am sorry i missed the toronto board meeting. but fyi, the bomb is not for another month. talk to some of the cats at longboard living who are heading down for a ride.

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