The Post-Apocolyptic Future of Longboarding

5 03 2010

Introducing some crazy shit. I suppose it was only logical that  one day military transport and skateboards would come together to make an unstoppable tank board. Luckily we managed to invent it before the machines did. We need to master and improve the tankboard, so when Google becomes self-aware in 2012 and begins to build its army of war-bots, we will be prepared.

I had been speaking about such a device earlier this week and then searched out these videos. I like the off-roading capabilities and the sweet double tank treads of the Scarpar, but it needs a wireless remote possibly controlled by your thoughts. I can envision gangs of these tank warriors battling over a fresh water hole in the post-nuclear wasteland in the not so distant future.

Don’t give up on the Push just yet, but be ready to upgrade to the tank board come 2012.




2 responses

30 03 2010

i think i will hold out for a hover board. i know a few smart guys that decided instead of curing cancer, they would use thier hyper-intelligence to make that scene from back to the future become our reality. coming to a store near you

17 06 2010
skater dude

Thats super Gay!

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