Brooklyn Australia?

4 01 2010


While wandering throiugh the Outback, I came across this sign, and was admittedly confused. So i headed to the right and found myself at a lakeside village called Brooklyn, oddly devoid of bearded hesidics and converse clad hipsters. Also, there were no Bustin longboard shops, obnoxiously loud reggae music or hot Polish chicks, so I got the hell out of there as quickly as possible and continued North, into the jungle. Meanwhile, back home in snowy NYC, a  longboarding video caught my attention.

More great footage from the nicest skate documentary team in New york City, Fabrika Production out of Astoria Queens. This years race was epic, and I cannot wait for next year. Anyone not from NYC, make plans now to come through the city next october and join in the mnayhem.




One response

12 01 2010

hey bro we are here on the gold coast good skate crew, be cool to catch up give me a call just left a message on ASRA but under my wifes log in 0409576900 we can get all the crew together for a roll for you. peace c u soon.jez

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