Skating Newcastle

19 12 2009

I passed through Newcastle on my way to the country to do some carpentry gigs on this 100 year old japanese style  homestead. This place was amazing. Apparently renowned for two things- surf champions, and the hometown of Daniel Johns, the lead singer of Silverchair. I took my board out for a skate to the beach and a peninsula that juts into the bay where the ocean and river meet called the Nobbys. I then skated down to the beach, and did some wicked body surfing, in which i accidentally elbowed a little kid in the face. That was a good deal of fun, and I realized my train left in ten minutes, so I pushed through the forieng streets in the general direction of the train, and skated onto the platform literally thirty seconds before the train left. Awesome.

Heading out to Byron Bay to spend X-mas and the New Years baking on the beach with some dirty hippies. I also plan on learning how to surf, and skating my balls off in town and through some tropical rain forests in the adjacent National Park.  Stay warm in that blizzard NYC. I recommend taking off your trucks and heading uptown to snowboard Ft. Tryon and the Heights.




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