Skating the Outback

4 12 2009

As the icy fingers of Winter tighten their grasp on  the denizens of New York City, most people head to the stores to buy hats, scarves and pea coats with comiclly oversized buttons.  Instead of buying a winter jacket, I decided to go to Australia for three months and avoid the bullshit altogether.

At first the trip was just an idea, a fantasy full of dingos and shrimps roasting on the barby. However,  with the acquisition of a free plane ticket, a new Bustin Board, and a 1940’s Swedish Army backpack,  I was fresh out of excuses not to go.

Australia is known as a continetnt full of  criminals and platypi, and I intend on exploring as much of the country as possible. Part of my trip will be spent Wwoofing (willing workers on Organic Farms), part hostel and couch surfing, and a big part skating with the locals. I reached out to some Aussies on the Australian Skateboard Racing Associations forums, and got hooked up with a place to stay and sessions with  local crews in every major city. I plan on skating the country (or bush as they like to call it) and city scenes alike. I am ecstatic to bring the New York City Push Culture to the other side of the planet on my brand new Bustin Cigar.  I will be learning about and documenting the different styles and aesthetics of the Australian longboard scene, and updating the blog as much as possible.

When i arrive in Sydney, I plan on hooking up with the Sydney City Bomb Squad for some rips around town, and then slowly move north along the East Coast. But before I even arrive, my first stop on the epic 26 hour journey is Dubai. I fly into Abu Dhabi   and will be stuck in the Middle East for 16 hours. So I plan on grabbing my board, and stretching out my legs as I skate through Dubai and try to avoid getting sold into sexual slavery. This trip is shaping up to be an epic adventure with infinite possibilites,  so stay tuned to the Brooklyn Barbarosa for constant updates as I skate the deserts of the Middle East and brave the harsh summer  Down Under…..




4 responses

6 12 2009

Sick board bro. Have a smashing time.

6 12 2009
Mike Dallas

a skate adventure! i am already hooked. nice write up, trek on!

20 03 2011
bukie mansyur

dude u still in dubai?? if u are we can go jam… but i only cruise… and carve and shit… but still better to skate with sombody that sucks than alone right?? 😛 😀

1 06 2011
umrah packages

your skate look nice

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