Broadway Bomb Pics and Video

14 10 2009

bustin boards crew at 2009 broadway bomb

Four days after the legendary longboard push race, my adrenaline is still pumping. Aside from the rush of defying most laws of physic and the flabby arm of the law, the race is a great chance to meet people who you haven’t seen or skated with nearly enough as you should. I met two cool cats from Oregon who discovered the race and some of the best spots to ride in the city from The Brooklyn Barbarosa. That was a great feeling to have been able to reach out and connect the global longboarding community as it should be. Here is Part one of three of extra footage and photos from the event. If anyone has any other great shots they want to share with the interweb and all its minions, send them my way. Also, be sure to check out Bustin’ boards and their blog for a great account and overview of the 2009 Broadway Bomb.  This HD video I found on youtube is pretty damn good. Enjoy.

Although silent, this video gives you a great idea of just how deep we were rolling…

This one has a great first person perspective, shows you just how long and serious the race can be, and has some good shots of the Naked Longboarder.

broadway bomb 2009 starting line nyc longboard race




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