There is no Race like the Broadway Bomb

2 08 2009

2007 broadway bomb

With the most intense longboard race on the East Coast less than three months away, its time to get serious. For those unfamiliar with the prolific race, it is an unofficial 8 mile sprint Manhattans’ 116th Street to the Bull at Wall St. One must compete against over three hundred longboarders from across the country, buses, cabs, cops, tourists, pedestrians, bikers, garbage, man-eating rats and everything else you wouldn’t expect. The race is highly sponsored, with lots of boards, trucks, wheels, gear and cash for the top placed riders at stake. This race is a great event for riders of all skill levels, because even if you aren’t gunning for the title, meeting people and their unique boards as you cruise down the length of the island is priceless. Check out the maps section to familiarize yourself with  the full course. And for a serious breakdown analysis of the Outlaw skater psyche, and the debate over the race skitch, check out Mike Dallas’Bustin Blog.

nyc longboard broadway bomb jump

Now as much as riders from all over the US and the world are encouraged to attend the Bomb, let it be known that New York is taking this race, hands down. Word on the interweb is that a lot of people are stoked and talking some refuse, so I will gently remind everyone of a few facts. This race is not some relay through a cornfield in Iowa, or some killer downhill drop out in Cali- this is blasting off through the most insane traffic in the world, on the most unpredictable streets in the world, and against some of the hardest riders in the world. The New York style oi longboarding is in a class of its own, having to contend with a unique array of elements found nowhere but here.

Theseus Kasper and Jim winners of 2008 Broadway Bomb

The entire Bustin crew is pumped and training more intensely than ever. Last years champion Theseus Williams (finishing the 2008 race in an astounding 30 minutes) must defend his title from Kasper (2007 Bomb champ, 2nd place in 08 and fresh off his record breaking victory in the Central Park Race a few months ago), and hundreds of other hungry speed freaks out for the title and the glory of being the fastest longboarder in NYC.

Pic not from NYC or the Broadway Bomb

Pic not from NYC or the Broadway Bomb, but still pretty fucked up

Some things to consider before the Race
1. Times Square- With the new setup of forty-deuce, Broadway no longer slices through the Square. All of the blocked off areas are filled with tourists in folding chairs, making this part of the race a massive stumblefuck, and very hazardous to your speed and safety. Riders would be advised to check it out and determine your own way through or around the bullshit.
2. The Fliz- Because this race is unpermited, cops will try and hassle you for disturbing the delicate flow of traffic. Last year myself and ten other riders in the front of the middle pack got yolked up by the police and each received bullshit summons for disorderly conduct, riding in a group of more than five people. If you do get stopped, be calm and courteous, and know that as soon as you walk into court your case will be dismissed for its ridiculousness. However, it does mean your racing dreams are over, and you should head directly to the after party.
3. Cabs- They do not give a shit about skaters, and one dude got nailed last year, so when blasting through red lights, keep your eyeballs peeled for a deviant cab out for some homicide.

My new crib is right by the starting line, so if anyone wants to do a dry run, I am out there daily- holler at me. And to all perspective racers, Good luck!

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12 responses

2 08 2009

That sounds sick! such a shame that i live in the U.K though, otherwise I’d be straight there every time.

2 08 2009

Stow yourself in a cargo hold or hang-glide or surf over, whatever works. the race is nuts.

2 08 2009
T money

geez, you sound tough as nails…too bad Ohio is taking the bomb

2 08 2009

really? it is nice to have dreams

3 08 2009

when is this going to take place?

3 08 2009

sometime in mid October. keep checking the site or for updates as we draw closer to the showcase showdown

3 08 2009

I’ve skated the race three times now. The first time there was less than 50 people. Now it’s approaching 300. Friggin’ nuts! Props go out to the founder and organizer: Ian is it?

3 08 2009

what’s up Justin! just wanted to laugh at ohio taking the bomb…………………………………….HA!

7 08 2009
Mike Dallas

well written mr. hayes. the broadway bomb is no joke. zero deaths thus far, some to come. i know it sux and i hate to be negative, but as this race grows, so does the sport. as the sport grows, more noobs attend and increase the risk of death. skating broadway is life OR death. skate safe and choose life, skate hard and…….

please be careful. you have nothing to prove. the winners circle is already established.

7 08 2009
Shane Sexypants

“3. Cabs- They do not give a shit about skaters, and one dude got nailed last year, so when blasting through red lights, keep your eyeballs peeled for a deviant cab out for some homicide.”


12 10 2009

Broadway BOMB this year was dope. period.

20 04 2011

Hey Hayes, I randomly stumbled back to your blog… nice!

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