From Brooklyn to Ontario

23 07 2009

skate jump over dude in couch

Thanks to the infrared force field built around New York City, Al Gore has manged to curb the alleged global warming conspiracy and keep the city abnormally tolerable this summer. Consequently, tis the season to skate your balls off. I see more and more longboarders surfing down the streets than ever before. and it seems like there’s a new skating event every other day. I was helping a friend move and missed Block Star in Brooklyn, but judging by the pics, it was a great success. Awesome photos by Jennifer Willis of Uptown Skate School.…and you know how much love I have for uptown.

skateboard couch jumpskate flip ramp couchskate couch ollieskate over couchlittle girl wants to skate

And for all my people from the Great North aka America’s hat, there is a sick show tomorrow night in Ontario Canada at the Funktion Gallery. It features live music, live art, and showcases longboard art with over 10 artists, including longboards by Chris Dyer. Put down your maple syrup and get out to the show….any questions hit up





One response

24 07 2009

Uptown has much love for Brooklyn. Thanks! The event was great, I love when people take charge and do something really inspirational for their community.

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