The Barbarosa Heats up Harlem

17 07 2009

Inwood Hayes

Rumor on the street has fled frim Brooklyn and returned to the Island. Thats just simply not ture. I tactfully retreated from G-pnt aka ‘Lil Krakow  and triumphantly returned to Manhattan, unable to resist the lure od its appealing curse…Note to self- next time before breaking up with my girlfriend whose apartment I am living in, find a new apartment first. While crashing on a friends couch in Inwood, I came across  a new sweet ride down Broadway and ending at my favorite 24 hour chicken spot in the city.  The hill is long and steep and a fun fast ride.

Check out the new map for the best ride to John’s Fried Chicken

I found a sweet basement apartment on Broadway and LaSalle, just south of 125th, and am loving the new hood. My block is great, with a sweet and smooth deserted road ideal for big carving and sliding. Plus its nice to hop off the train at 116th and bomb eight blocks down Broadway to the crib.

Check out the new map for the Sakura Slide

And speaking of Broadway, I find myself poised at the starting spot for the Broadway Bomb, the most epic longboard race on the East Coast. This eight mile straight shot from Columbia University to the Bull on Wall Street is insane. Unable and uninterested in securing permits to close the streets, you battle buses, cabs, tourists and cops all the way down. Last year there was well over 200 longboarders from around the world, and this fall looks to be even more promising. Here is the exact route and topography, so start training now.

Check out the new map for the Broadway Bomb

Aside from that, I am painting non-stop and selling as much of my art as possible, so check out my Picasa Web album and make a bid….invest in art by a blind man now, because the dollar could very well be obselete in a few years. Also, check out my new blog, Michael Jackson is not Dead…

And if you are in BK tomorrow, check out Block Star. Block Star is a Mobile Theatrical Skateboarding competition that will have a script, props and actors but the skaters skateboarding will change the out come of the Show by how well they do in the competition.

The event is on Saturday the 18th from 3pm ro 7pm at Park Place coner of Brower park. It should be fun….

longboard silhouette




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