The Central Park Race 2009

18 06 2009

skate on a longboard all day

My first longboard race in CP, and it was a doozie. Not sure of the official attendance, but i felt it was a little over a hundred riders. I went at it hard, and was exhausted by the home stretch from 72nd street on down. That monstrosity of a hill at 110th ate up my legs like they were fried chicken. The finish line was pretty disorganized, and after the top ten riders finished, no one bothered to keep the times or places of the rest of us. Based on a rough estimate of the boards there, i think i got about 30ish, which isnt too shabby in my book. For the record, since there is none, I claim 33rd place- making me the 33rd fastest and most dangerous man in New York City. Kaspar smashed the previous record, and won the 6.2 mile race in 22 minutes on an Earthwing Supercharger. Check out Earthwing’s site for more pics and a great video of some sick sliding. Here are a few great photos taken by Lesli Ford (visit her anytime at the Edge Bar onFirst Ave and Third for the longboarder special, which i just decided to invent and may or may not not really exist)lesli f and theseus at the srarting linebustin repping hard at the cp race

the starting line

longboard raceorangatnags in the parkcentral park longboardingcentral park racinglongboard versus park trafficlongboard pedicab skiitchlongboard downhill speed tucktheseus and the kahuna big sticklongbaord pedicab skitchskating central parkshattering central park race record

nyc longboard central parkkaspar in the winners circle




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