Painting My Longboard

15 06 2009

As my quest to customize the shit out of my longboard continues, I finally finish painting my longboard deck. I had an idea about some sort of a Rat King character, and decided to go to town with some spray paint and acrylics….I was happy with the way it turned out, but needed to protect the vulnerable underside of the board….Because i laid the paint on so thick, a simple spray enamel or lacquer wouldn’t be enough. I decided to use a resin to coat the underside of my board, which worked great, except i had to do two coats and didnt really anticipate how heavy it would make my board. But fuck it, it looks crisp and professional and is different than any stock graphic I’ve ever seen, so I can’t complain. Next time I may just stick to spray paint, stencils, paint pens and some lighter lacquer.Here is how it all went down…

spray painting longboardchrom longboarddrawing longboard designthe dude in the green trench coat was inspired by a chalk drawing I had done a few months ago, and my homeboy Van Gogh

rat rodpainting longboard deckblue rat nycrat king and his longboardciego longboard paint jobapplying resin to longboard

I got some help resonating the board from longboard pro and arts and crafts expert, my mom. Resin is serious stuff, and the only thing we were missing was a blowtorch to pop some of the bubbles in the first coat.

mom and my longboard

I paint and resinate my longboardciego board train traxTo check out more of my paintings and drawing, click here. And if you or anyone you know is interested in a mural, painting, or custom longboard grip tape or graphic, shoot me an email anytime.




5 responses

15 06 2009
Ryan Rubin


16 06 2009

sick unto death

15 07 2009
Cheaters Car Club

Nice Ride. Sidewalk Surf the wheels off that mutha.

30 03 2010

good quality but so uuuuugly. what a waste of talent.

31 03 2010

geez thanks. i later peeled it off and painted it black, before it was destroyed under the unforgiving rubber of a cabbies tires.

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