Slide Jam Pre-game

8 06 2009

nyc longboard slide

Despite being bruised and battered from the Central Park race, I cruised down the block to Ft. Tryon for the Slidejam….I arrived and found some dudes that told me they had been shut down before they had begun, and got a few shots of some slides on the perilous trails of the Cloisters. I went for a skate around the park and found out the contest had been moved to Fort George Hill aka Snake Hill, met up with a few more heads and caravaned over. By the time we made it to the next location, the session was over. Snake Hill is perilous and highly trafficed, and apparently there jad been only a few people there. Most people headed back to the Cloisters for some more skating, but I headed home for kung-fu movies and some serious napping. Here are a few pics of the longboard slide session pre-game in the woods….for some great pics with a camera that doesn’t also double as a phone, check out the official pics at Freshpaved.

fort tryon longboard slide




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