New Skatepark Being Built in Washington Heights

5 06 2009

Highbridge Skate Park

Forced by a crumbling economy to get creative to make a buck, I recently began printing counterfeit four dollar bills- nothing queer about that. When the authorities raided my apartment, I was fortunately out for a skate, and consequently have been forced to flee Brooklyn and head for the hills. I am currently back in Wash Heights and loving it- so many great hills to ride up here. While on a skate the other day, I was cruising  through Highbridge Park, where i came across several closed off paths with signs explicitly warning me to keep out.  Its a good thing I can’t read, and i walked into the restricted area. I came across a large construction site under the 181st St. and Amsterdam Ave on ramps to the FDR and Cross Bronx. I walked to the bottom of the hill, and followed along the FDR until I came to some Parks Dept. vehicles. A dude whistled me over to him, noticing my longboard, and told me the project they were working on was a skate park scheduled to be done by the end of the summer. I am naturally skeptical of city designed parks, but because of the location, realized it mihgt be really fucking good. Highbridge Park features Manhattan’s only mountain biking trails, complete with dirt jumps, bowls and half pipes. If you ride a bike, strap on a helmet and check this place out, its pretty ridiculous.


This skate park has been in the works for nearly a decade, but the location is great, and they finally got to digging. Check out this 2006 Power Point Presentation to see what it may look like…..

And despite the rain pouring down right now, tomorrow is scheduled to be excellent weather for the 2009 Central Park Longboard Race…I aim to get 23rd place, so don’t bother to try and stop me. See you at Columbus Circle @11:30, and I will defintely represnet the Heights at SlideFest on Sunday at Ft. Tryon….




4 responses

1 09 2009

there are bowls and halfpipes at highbridge? hmmm. nope.
i think you mean some tabletop dirtjumps and some berms.


17 02 2010

i think you mean 191st cross from George Washington high school not 181st

17 02 2010

no, i mean 180th st and amsterdam. check it out, its not highbridge, down the street and under the on ramp to the fdr. should be done by now, although covered in snow….

3 04 2010
mike litoris

ba, voi e romani sau nu :)) oricum, bafta e marfa ce faceti!

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