Changing the Shape of your Longboard

28 04 2009

While tinkering with my longboasrd recently, i removed the front riser, and kept the back riser in. I enjoyed the ride and stability of having the front end dropped and connected to the road, but was having serious issues with wheel bite when trying to carve. Being the advocate of customizing your longboard that I am, I took it to the shop and fired up the saw. My Sector 9 is a 7-ply maple that needed a new shape. Making sure the jig saw blade had the right kind of teeth for the up-cut, i traced small crescents on the front part of the deck and began to slice. Being the dirty jigger that I am, it took a few extra cuts to get my wheel wells symmetrical, and then i went to work with a hand sander… board has been reborn, and is now a nasty carving machine….

stone arch

Although to be honest, the shape of the cut changed from a curve to more of an “L”, which leaves me slightly anxious about creating a stress point and the front half of my board snapping off. A circular shpae is significantly stronger and more distributive when it comes to pressure, but we shall see. In the mean time, I am considering putting in a small metal support laterally on the bottom, and am prepared to bust a life-saving manual if the front decides to break.   Until that fateful day, I am going to tear up the streets. customize longboardmodifying longboardcutting longboard deckoptimize longboardcross-section of longboard deck 7 plysanding new longboardnew longboard deck shape carverbrooklyn barbarosa longboard nycciego longboard carving machinemodified sector 9 longboard brooklyn barbarosa




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