Spring Arrives, and Longboarders Agree -It’s About Damn Time

23 04 2009

brooklyn barbarosa longboard

I went for an all day longboard rally this past Saturday. It was gorgeous in the city. I met up with Q’bn, Daly and the Belge on 181st for some unforgettable runs on the Neverending Hill and then a quick board through Ft. Tryon, my favorite park in New York to skate around this time of year.

Qbn longboarding Ft. Tryon, NYCJ. Hayes longboard new york cityQbn and Daly bomb hill Ft. TryonMike Daly longboard new york city Fort Tryonlongboarding uptown manhattanlongboard sprint along hudsonlongboard stroll through upper manhattanqbn on bustin prototype longboardqbn next to overgrown lampost with bustin heartbreaker longboard

We then proceeded to descend from the Heights and head to Central Park for a few laps. The ride down was absurdly nice, and thanks to suggestions by Q’bn, my Manhattan Mountain Descent Map has been revised for the best 8 mile downhill skate in all of New York City.

longboard uptown promgw bridge longboard southgwb skater kidswashingtin heights longboardQbn longboard new york cityj. hood park monument

A very intriguing monument found in J. Hood Park as we cruised down Haven.The sculpture is calleds 3000 A.D. Diffusion Piece, a sculpture by Terry Fugate-Wilcox installed in 1974. Made of magnesium and aluminum plates bolted together, the artwork is expected to diffuse, or mix, by the year 3000.city college longboardingQbn longboarding the Heightslongboard skate construction siteDaly longboard constructionlongboard central parknyc longboard enduranceQbn longboard central park carvinglonboard with horses central parklongboard cherry treelongboard road rash

After an exhuasting day of skating i managed to take a fall on the Central Park Loop, leaving my mangled hands and pants looking like i had been mauled by a wolverine.  Well worth it. This Saturday is a Central Park skate, see the Bustin Blog for more details.



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25 04 2009


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