The Neverending Hill

25 03 2009

grandpa longboard

When I first saw this dude, I couldn’t believe it- I always wanted to meet Tony Hawk. However on further inspection, he was just a geriatric longboarder with neon orthopedic skate sneakers. Although those are his regular old man pants, they are often confused with cargo capris. And much like my friend carrying an empty guitar case around posing as a sensitive musician to pick up women, I suspect this old fella got a fresh batch of Viagra and decided to use his grandson’s board and sneaks to pick up some horny fat chicks.

This brings me to my recent discovery of the illest spot in the Heights to cruise, the Neverending Hill (aka the Deja Vous Loop in my Maps section).  You start on 181st and ride down Bennet, a nice long gradual hill dropping about a hundred feet in elevation over nine blocks. When you make it to the bottom, simply walk into the tunnel to the A train at 190th Street, take the elevator to the top of the hill, and ride it again. At the top of the hill you can go right to do the Fort Tryon Loop, or left and another left for a huge hill on Overlook Terrace that cuts back to Bennett and back to the elevator. Its like you’re in a theme park after hours, and after getting off the ride, you walk around to the other side and ride it again.

You do go down against traffic on the one way that is Bennet, but cars go slow, are few and far between (especially late at night) and keep you on your toes to say the least. This little cut and usage of the elevator to bring you from just above sea level to the second highest natural point of elevation in Manhattan at 260 feet (Bennet Park just down Ft. Wash has a rock and a plaque acclaiming its 265.05 feet of elevation, and then an inappropriate joke about how stinky the British are).

Bottom line is make your way up to the Heights on the A train and check out a quick downhill and the free ride back to the top.

bennet park, washington heights




One response

25 03 2009
Burt Reynolds

that old man is hilarious…. i bet he doesnt know his name or where he is though

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