Saturday’s RatRod Sprint Race…

16 03 2009


Saturday was a ridiculously nice day, and a great day to ride. About 20 heads showed up in the East Village to race at Tompkins and fuck around at the Brooklyn Banks. Bustin’Boards was well represented, as were an eclectic group of random short and longboarders. Ideally this will become a weekly tradition on either Saturday or Sunday all summer long, and all are welcome to attend. Check the Events section for a detailed map of the drag race route through the windy and crowded Tompkins Square Park, so you can start training for the two lap drag race now. Time to beat is something like 2 minutes 11 seconds by Mike Dallas. I had to bounce before making it to the Banks, but pics from that session to come soon. Check out video footage on the Bustin’Blog.


As if spawned by a Tony Hawk game, this flatbed appeared and was irresistible. 5241ced2e89cdd84e7a08224




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16 03 2009

damn that looks like fun

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